My Ten Commandments on Basketball and Life...

I. Trust - The ability to have the discipline to believe in the convictions of the program.

II. Loyalty - The ability to live up to and carry out the expectations of the program.

III. Communication - The ability to talk early, loud and often. Everyone on same page.

IV. Ownership - The ability to put the team first and accept responsibility for everything.

V. Detailed  - Accountability in everything we do. Nothing taken for granted.

VI. Stability - The ability to maintain balance in our lives as well as on the court.

VII. Finish Everything - The ability to complete the desired task in the moment.

VIII. Flesh on Flesh - The ability to overcome uncomfortable feelings. United as one.

IX. Vision - The ability to see, observe and anticipate what is going to happen next.

X. Adapt - The ability to react to change and make the most of every opportunity.